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If you are a citizen of the United States of America, buying a property in Canada wouldn't be a bad option. Between 2004 and 2014, nearly 34,000 Americans moved to Canada, either for employment or education. The number has surely increased in the last one year.


As more and more Americans are moving to Canada, the Canadian real estate market is becoming the focal point for American investments. Buying a real estate in Canada is actually easy for Americans because there's no red-tapism.


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The past few years have been both good and bad for the Canadian real estate market. Though demand for real estate has increased to some extent, the real estate market is still within a bubble in different provinces of Canada.


But building a home in Canada seems to be different from investing in a condo or apartment in any of the Canadian cities. A non-profit research organization, The Conference Board of Canada, has presented its viewpoint for residential constructions in the country. Although...

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Buying a real estate is no small thing. It requires planning and investment. Location plays a big factor when deciding the best place to buy a real estate property. Of late, Canada has become a hot destination for home buyers because of the facilities and country’s reputation. Edmonton is one place in Canada where the real estate market is competitive. As more and more flock in Edmonton to buy houses, here are 5 reasons why you should also be one of them:


  1. Low-interest rates

    One of the...
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The US real estate market has been in a bit of dilemma lately. When Donald Trump campaigned during the presidential elections, he was quite silent about real estate when it came to talks of development and how to improve the state of the housing market. However, people thought that being a real estate man himself, Trump must have some trick up his sleeve. You’ll find very little evidence on the internet that suggests a change in development of the real estate market.





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You are young and want to start investing in real estate as early as possible. This is not unusual as many young people think of transforming their first house as an investment option. On the other hand, there are many people who already have a house and think of buying additional properties as an investment tool.


It is good to start early since when people are young, their existing lifestyle may allow them to curtail expenses in a manner that is not possible at a later stage as the obligations...

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In many countries, the current real estate market is not doing so well. This is prompting a large number of people to not sell their houses. Rather, they have made up their mind to hold on to them till things are better.


The good news is that there are various home improvement projects that you can undertake which can add an extra value to your house as well as improve your quality of life. So, if you are planning to work on your home improvement ideas, you can definitely enjoy the updates...

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Calgary may have witnessed the bid for highest sold townhomes and duplexes but Edmonton got busy with a record number of home constructions. While Edmonton is busy with new home constructions, 31 townhomes and 138 duplexes were underway in January.


Four segment comparison between two of the largest cities in Alberta


  1. Price of resale: In Calgary, there is a 4% dip in the average resale price. Last month, the number dropped to $385,170 from $400,485. On the flip side, in Edmonton prices...

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Home Prices in Canada rose by a percent in February in spite of price increase in the Area of Greater Toronto. Benchmark price of the national homes increased by 13.4 percent against prices in 2016. March 2017 marks the 12th month of consecutive rise in gains. During the 18 year period of the index, the 1% rise in February is labeled as the largest.


Outside the limelight devoured by Toronto for being the city showing the highest increase in home prices by 23%, Vancouver, Hamilton and Victoria...

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Let's be honest: finding the best real estate deals can be daunting and time-consuming most of the times. The housing market is growing by leaps and bounds, and real estate sellers and agents are competing with each other for offering the best deals.


The majority of real estate sellers approach local realtors and use the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for offering properties to buyers. But this is not the only way of listing and selling properties. Sellers market properties...

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Foreign Buyer's Tax: What is it?

The Foreign Buyer's Tax is another option proposed by Canada's Finance Minister Charles Sousa for curbing the aggressive price rise in the housing segment. Tax would be imposed on foreign nationals buying real estate in certain cities of Canada such as Toronto and Vancouver, where the average price of homes sold is skyrocketing.


The provincial Liberal government doubled the land transfer tax rebate for first-time home buyers to four thousand dollars, and raised...

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Nicole Meredith, a resident of Toronto, received a rude shock at the end of January this year when her rent was hiked from $1,275 per month to $1,700.


But what exactly does $1,700 fetch you in Toronto?


Meredith’s condo is a one-bedroom apartment. The average rental for a property of this size is $1,776 in Toronto. The carpet area isn’t too large either. The living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen (or kitchenette) are all tucked into just 600 square feet of space. Everything...

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Condominiums are preferred by many of those who are single or have small families. But such people also tend to be young and are often unaware of the risks involved in purchasing such a dwelling.


Look at the physical state of the building.


The apartment may have been freshly painted and spruced up in anticipation of visits from those interested. So this fails to yield any information about the actual condition of the condo. Walk around and see what kind of condition the building is in....

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Owning or renting out a condominium is a popular choice for most Canadians. In fact around one million Canadians live in or lease condominiums or condos. An appealing option for households, a recent survey conducted on Calgary Metro Apartment Condos showed a 17% increase in sales January 2017 as compared to 2016. 


An incredible 151 condos were sold in January alone with 626 listings placed in Canadian newspapers. Not surprisingly, most newspapers dedicate an entire section to condominium...

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Who doesn’t love a good deal on a rental property? It is absolutely delightful to buy, flip and then rent out a property. A one true business love of many an investor, rental properties allow several benefits like purchase leverage, direct investment management opportunity, ability to garner greater returns, and constant demand, to name a few.


Sensible, predictable, and stable, investing in rental properties is an opportunity that should be taken advantage of right away in Edmonton. Quarterly...

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The first month of 2017 saw a total of 738 homes sales in Edmonton. The average home price surged to $355,481, up 4.8% from the same month last year.


On average, single family homes sold for $416,859 each, which is more or less at the same level as was seen throughout 2016. However, condominiums had an average selling price of $246,727, which is an increase of 8.7%.


The number of listings was 2,185, which is 7.6% below what was witnessed in January 2016.


James Mabey, Chairman...

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It has long been suspected that the boom in Vancouver and Toronto, the two largest real estate markets in Canada, was fueled by illegal Chinese money. While it was initially held that the money came from corrupt Chinese officials, it has turned out to be businessmen and families parking their funds in the Canadian real estate market to avoid paying taxes back home. It still constitutes a money laundering practice when they do not disclose their income to their Government, but funnel it overseas.

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Achieving a balance between classical and modern elements in a home can be a painstaking and often challenging task. Setting a budget and sticking to it can also get problematic as quality materials for classical designs can often cost a bomb.


Marble mantels


A marble mantel offers an incredible combination of timelessness and breathtaking beauty. If it is the focal point of a room or a living room area, it will command the attention of everyone and offer a spotlight for stylistic self....

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As we head into the early months of 2017, the housing market in Canada seems more unpredictable than ever before. The market has been predicted to crash for a number of years now and the price of homes in Canada has increased 13.0 percent year-over-year to $558,153 in the fourth quarter of 2016. Overall, the first six months of the year are expected to match the trends observed in the last quarter of 2016.


Sales activity is expected to decline


The national sale of homes is expected to...

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Are you worried that your home is not selling despite it being a seller’s market? Are you worried that something may be fundamentally wrong with your approach that is leading to delay or failure to get an offer matching your asking price?


Is Edmonton in for another year of sluggish growth?


Edmonton real estate market, although fairly stable, despite a long period of economic downturn and falling market prices following a steady decline in the oil prices, is now feeling the pinch...

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A home warranty is separate and distinct from a homeowner’s insurance and aims to cover costly repairs, replacements, and refits of systems and appliances in your home which may be necessary due to normal wear and tear. The period of warranty is usually one year and needs to be renewed annually.


A home warranty may cover a number of appliances and systems at your home, however, not everything. The terms of the coverage contract and the contract price can vary depending on the home warranty...

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